3 Tips for Managing Your Library

Today, there are many opportunities to save space. While many readers have switched to e-books and e-readers, the other half still stick to the paper version. And all of them need a beautiful, clean, and classy study. Here are three ways to make use of it.
domácí knihovna
None of us wants to see a messy stack of bound papers lying around. That\’s why it\’s important to get furniture that makes it easy to stay organized. 9]

  • There are several types to choose from, including built-in,
  • cozy,
  • and freestanding models.

A minimalist approach

Modern-looking interiors are light and airy, without being unnecessarily crammed with furniture. We recommend white shelves with built-ins , which are unobtrusive in a minimalist apartment, yet can hold many of your favorite stories.

Make sure they are large enough. Ideally, it should be much larger than the amount of books you have. Crowded bookshelves don\’t look good. Leave a little space for small decorations or flowerpots.
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A reading corner for a great moment

Prefer a rather cozy place? Create a small cornerwith chairs, a lamp, and a small table as well as shelves. On it, you can put a book you are reading or have a cup of coffee or tea. You will surely have a wonderful time reading there, and you can always snuggle in and have some time to yourself.
pár za knihami

If you have a large space…

Do you have your own study at home? Then you\’ve hit the jackpot. There is no better place to put your favorite classics. Plus, you get the perfect atmosphere to work like clockwork. The walls are lined with bookshelvesand there is a large desk and table lamp. There is no better way to decorate a study and at the same time ventilate a living room space.