About the beautiful apartment

Feather his apartment and you do not belong among the fans of Feng Shui. Or you can not make any major changes to the apartment. You don\’t even need a guide, just a few tips.

obrázky a fotky nad gaučem.jpg
You do not waste decoration, but you still feel that something is missing in the room. It is necessaryflowers.
He does not need large figs or palm trees, nor does he need large pots for children or partners to stumble upon. You will not believe how beautifully enlivened the room by cacti. 
They are durable, adaptable and cute. And if you forget to water them, they will survive.
Try not to plant creeping plants and various vine plants, they will grow quickly q They will be everywhere.
There are beautiful violets, various herbs that make the room fragrant and can be used for tea. obrázky a fotky nad gaučem.jpg
If you dare to get an orchid, it is strange, but beautiful, unfortunately more demanding.
Flowers can go anywhere, except in the bedroom.
But in moderation, you probably won\’t want to watch TV from the woods. 

What about photos
Remove photos from narrow corridors and use spacious walls to think of family photos.Even without a frame with family inscriptions, it is not really necessary. More modern collages than a single photo in a large frame are even glass that you can expose.
I won\’t let the good old board you can pin photos, children\’s drawings, pendants, chains, absolutely anything. But do not confuse such a bulletin board with a working bulletin board, and it loses its appeal.
Please also painting, but think about the color of the walls, do not buy or paint the orange painting in the purple room. Beautiful is due to the landscape, abstraction and style, only cities and buildings do not look cozy. It\’s like looking out the window and drilling it into the wall.Krásná květina a tapeta.jpg

Down with junk
Let\’s face it, once upon a time being a collector was a fad. Cabinets with glasses, porcelain, figurines, angels, postcards and thousands of other exhibits may have been liked before, but today they take up unnecessary space. And most importantly, who is going to keep wiping the dust? 
Get rid of unnecessary furniture, stools, cabinets, extra lamps and other junk that no one wants to sit on anyway.
You will see what the apartment looks like.
On the other hand, even a half-empty room is not ideal, you will freeze for the winter. For example, if you get a small carpet or light-colored curtains in the middle of the room, you will notice that you do not recognize the room.

You can see that you get a lot of other ideas