Credit Cards Set You Free

Yes, of course, to some extent. It is good that most stores and restaurants now accept this method of payment. Even if you don\’t have cash in your wallet, you can pay anytime, anywhere. You can buy whatever you want and whatever you like without any problem. However, there are a couple of minor drawbacks to this. First of all, you need to know your account balance safely. Imagining a full shopping cart lined up on the cashier\’s belt, and the nervous glances from the cashier if you fail to pay due to insufficient balance, can only be described as a nightmare. Another problem is that if you don\’t physically hold the change in your hand and it automatically leaves your account, you don\’t know. A person who has not set imaginary boundaries in his mind may be surprised when he checks his balance! In fact, he had no idea he had spent so much.

čas na změnu

Coins and bills

For the old man, what is his is his! Many of us cannot imagine not making at least small payments in the traditional way. We can\’t imagine walking down the street with an empty wallet and only a credit card in it. We feel better, we breathe easier, we feel more rounded. How we view life and what we get used to is up to each of us. Of course, traditional methods of payment have their disadvantages. Bills get lost or stolen, mistakes are made when returning leftovers at the store, etc.
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The principle for all

Whether we pay for our purchases in another way or not, the general rule is always to only spend up to the balance on our account. Let us not unnecessarily succumb to the quote-unquote suggestion of a magic card that will pay for our purchases without us having to say a word. There are plenty of opportunities for banks to push this kind of service. Unfortunately, many customers do not resist, especially at times of increased spending, such as Christmas. Only later do they learn that this service comes with a high interest rate and starts a merry-go-round called the debt trap! Of course, this is true for all kinds of goods purchased on credit. It may seem very lucrative at first, but the opposite is true. Wanting to get everything right away without effort often backfires.