How to buy Christmas gifts, tips to avoid the pre-Christmas madness

1. make a list. Make a list right after Christmas and jot down every time you think of something. If you have time to think about it, take the time to delete something and add something else. This way you can be sure to pick the really good ones.

2. If you are buying a sweater, look for it after spring and summer are over. If it is Christmas-themed, buy it right after Christmas, etc. Clearance sales are always when out-of-season items drop in price significantly. So keep an eye out for seasonal items and jump on them as soon as the season is over.
rodina o Vánocích

3. shop early. In other words, shop early. Avoid the never-ending lines and crowds at the checkout. We all know what shopping malls are like when the vacations approach. It\’s impossible to find a parking space, it\’s impossible to get into the store, and it\’s not comfortable for anyone.
slevy v obchodech

4. Look for flyers and discount coupons. Discount promotions increase as the Christmas season approaches, but usually the prices offered are more or less the same as the regular prices throughout the year and the “very favorable” prices offered at this time before Christmas. Before Christmas, stores often raise their prices in order to offer such substantial discounts. So keep an eye on the prices and promotions of your chosen products all year round.
vánoční dárek

5. Keep your cool. And finally, and most importantly. It\’s Christmas, it\’s a holiday, it\’s a time off work, it\’s time to spend with family, or it\’s time for you. It\’s not all about the presents, and it\’s definitely not about looking for gifts or shopping for a living, so act accordingly. If you don\’t care about a beautiful atmosphere for the little ones, cancel such gift-giving altogether and make an agreement with your family to spend Christmas Eve together, playing games and watching fairy tales, for example. You are not the only one who would welcome this change.