How to Buy Clothes the Minimalist Way

Buying clothes is not as common as buying groceries, but it is not as uncommon as buying home accessories, for example. Sometimes we have to buy something to wear because our old clothes don\’t look good anymore or we want something new. But buying clothes should not become a “stress-inducing” pastime, like buying something just to get it. Nor should it become a means to accumulate things. Minimalist shopping is an effective solution.

oblečení na manekýnách

And what does minimalist shopping look like? It is simple: buy as little as possible. But that\’s not all. Because what you buy should not only be clean, it should have as many uses as possible. So when you do minimalist shopping, you need to engage your brain and realize what you really want and need and what you are “sort of” buying.

nakupování oblečení

In minimalist shopping, you definitely can\’t go wrong by choosing “basic” items. This means monochromatic clothes that are not too ornate, casual and non-flamboyant, in other words, things that you will always use. As an accessory or as the “star” of an outfit. This category includes monochromatic cotton short-sleeved T-shirts, monochromatic cotton long-sleeved T-shirts, monochromatic sweatshirts, blue or black pants/jeans, and black leggings. In fact, keep it simple with less primary colors, such as black, white, gray, brown, cream, etc.

When shopping, always consider not only whether you like the item, but also whether it goes with most of the wardrobe you already have at home. Ideally, you should get items that go well with your other clothes. Clothing should be practical and should be worn more often, not just bought for special occasions.

When buying minimalist clothes, less is more. So, when shopping at a department store, buy a reasonable number of pieces each time and only buy what you really want and need to use. If there is an item you are not sure about, don\’t buy it and think about it at home.