In a nutshell History – Educational games

History in a nutshell brings a very well-known company Albi. This company has already done a lot, it is one of the leading creators and sellers of board games not only in our country, but also in the world. So let\’s see what a fun and exciting game should look like.
history in a nutshell is an educational game that not only fills empty hours that have nothing to do with, but also improves information about history that is so fun and may have forgotten, when you can play them from the age of 8, either alone or with more people. Of course, the more players, the more fun and tension.
hrací kostky
The game has relatively simple rules and is played clockwise. The next player takes the playing cards out of the deck and turns the hourglass. When sifting through the sand, he needs to remember as much information as possible that is on the card, then he passes the card to the opponent and throws the dice. Attention, the pouring interval is 10 seconds, but not so much, so focus on the details of the card. On the dice, you can roll from number 1 to number 8, depending on what falls, and the opponent will read the question on the card. If the answer to the question is correct, the player holds the card and plays the next card. Then you can decide how many cards you need to win, play 1 round or reach 5 cards. You do not have to worry about the quick end of the game, there are enough cards on the dice for everyone to come to themselves.
The game is well available in almost all toy stores where you will pay less than 500 crowns for its acquisition.
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Of course, you can order on the Internet, saving you time going to a physical store. I recommend playing with kids when they learn interesting things about us and the history of the world, so don\’t hesitate, just like for Christmas, Albi has produced many other games in a nutshell, so if you\’re not a big fan of history, you can get for example space, city, etc.