Infidelity – a New Lifestyle?

In earlier times, infidelity was condemned, marriage was considered holy, and no one would divide it. Spouses promised to be faithful to each other at the end of the marriage. Today, the news is starting to flash that it is only through infidelity that marriage can continue to live. Infidelity claims relationships.  Although the deceived person is most likely not to feel that way. You can even hear psychologists say that infidelity is considered normal and vice versa, it is not normal that at least one partner is in a long-term relationship without the other.
What do you think?pohled na spokojené starší manžele.jpg
Those who profess a cult of marriage are unlikely to agree with the above statement. There are still enough spouses who appreciate each other and do not succumb to the gray of life together. They know that the relationship must continue to develop. Have at least 1 hobby in common and grow together. But they know well that they can not continue to depend on each other, hanging on his neck and depriving him of himself. On the contrary, they indulge freely in terms of personal hobbies and hobbies. It will not burn unnecessarily. They can agree, they are tolerant of each other, they get along well. Marriage where both partners are happy, fulfill dreams and wishes, and live togetherdoes not solve infidelity. They don\’t have to look for fun outside of marriage. manželé před rozvodem.jpgThey don\’t need it.
On the other hand, spouses who have resigned to their lives or are not satisfied with the relationship but do not want to divorce are inclined to infidelity. Infidelity in their case can strengthen the marriage, even if it seems illogical. Together with a new mistress or lover, they will experience the excitement that they lack, they will again feel a familiar tremor, and the butterflies will begin to fly in their stomachs. But not every individual day-to-day stress from the moment of disclosure lasts long. So he just “bounces” and likes to return to his partner again. But infidelity can cause problems when an unfaithful man or woman falls in love with a new partner. Then marital infidelity probably no longer claims.