Modern free sexuality

As the years go by, sexuality becomes freer and society is also more open to sex. This freedom, which has become a trend in modern society in recent years, is also manifested in the fact that people are not afraid to experiment. This fear comes from social values that were previously valid, and incitement meant social death.

But today, society seems to have learned to embrace diversity even in the field of sexualityand its manifestation in society. Even if people do not agree with sexuality, they do not inform the disagreement in an extreme way, and certainly do not make it public. This is also a big step in just 20 years.
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The Younger Generation is bisexual

Bisexual has recently spread as something that is among young people. This trend is also growing at a breakneck rate, and if you askyoung college students, up to half of them, when asked about their sexuality, they la most of these other sexualities use the English term “queer”.This translates to “not heterosexual.””
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It\’s not just the younger generation that accepts the difference.,

However, not only the generation in the 90s, but even the older generation who received sexuality as given from birthshows that more and more people are willing to acknowledge non-heterosexual orientation. This statistic cannot be taken lightly, as more than 35,000 participants took part in the study.

Youth Forward

The most common form of bisexual experience is the lesbian experience at a young age, most commonly atuniversities,wheresocial normsare most shifted towards tolerance, but are also directed towards experimentation. Figuratively speaking, universities are also places and times where people have the mostsexual experimentswith multiple partners at once, for example, and different genders at the same time.

The growth of individualism as a reason

to stand out from the crowd and not follow the flow, these are trends today as far as social life is concerned. What actually comes out, and vice versa. Growing individualismis due to the high importance of the individual as a person in real time,in contrast to the Middle Agesand the modern, focusing on the senses and the senses. Individualism is also associated with the fact that not everything that society does is right,not all traditions deserve to be observed.