On which finger do we wear jewelry

Thumb– When the courier delivered it to you, when buying goods on the Internet, you may have noticed that the courier had a noticeable silver ring on the thumb. It is these people who are very independent individualists, who love to drive cars, even to the captain of the bridge in transit or even to the pilot seat of the plane. A characteristic ring can be a symbol of rebellion, rebellion or manifestation of superiority.
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Index finger– a typical expression that indicates to all of us that we are dealing with someone who wants a career up. These people (both women and men) constantly climb upwards, sometimes even above the corpse. But they are good visionaries and have the ability to become leaders among people who lack enough personal ambition. If a left-handed person has a ring on his right index finger, or vice versa, they are usually proud and hysterical.
Mediator– The longest finger of the hand is highlighted by a fairly closed person, who may seem a little arrogant on the outside, but is generally a sensitive person. It is said that he carries good luck in his right hand, and some esotericists also use this property.
Ring finger– This finger has always been perceived as a sign of trust, sympathy and deep affection, but this is, of course, most evident in weddings and engagement rings.
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Pinky– Pinky jewelry is mainly found in artists, musicians, artists and actors. They are free-thinking people who never allow themselves to be forced by other people\’s life patterns. Some lovers of decorated little fingers are adventurers who embark on bold actions in nature, such as rafting on wild rivers, climbing expeditions and trips to the wilderness, while others are soldiers on war missions. It is mostly worn by men, and if you find it in some women, however, are wary of their casual flirtation, which will not have the proper depth.
Toes– Women\’s feet are a source of pleasure for some men, and women know this well. Today no one will stop on the painted nails, but the ring immediately attracts attention. But they have a purely erotic subtext, whether they are strung on the 2nd, 3rd, or 4th finger. It is not conclusive that only the thumb and little finger do not fit for purely practical reasons – do not cause abrasions on the thumb and grab the little finger.