Points to Guide a successful person

Successful people never succeed for anything. They adopt several rules that they adhere to every day without exception. It helps them to grow and pursue their dreams. Every day, from the morning, they are adjusting precisely to individual points that improve their performance both mentally and physically.
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Learn from the best. You can start tomorrow morning!
1.       Start with breakfast
Set aside at least half an hour each morning for a nutritious breakfast. If you buy coffee at a stand on the street on the way to work in the morning, it is really not enough. Have a healthy breakfast in the morning that will give you energy for the whole day.
2.       Plan
At breakfast, you can write down the most important things you want to achieve in a day. It\’s not as counterproductive as running around the office wondering what you should do today. In the morning, the brain is much more focused and can better plan and put things together. Throughout the day, you will know exactly where to be and what to do.
3.       Main Goals
Remember your main goals every morning.This will motivate you regularly to small annoying tasks that you don\’t want to do much.
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4.       Forget Multitasking
Instead of performing multiple tasks at once, focus on 1. Multitasking usually doesn\’t work very well, and if you think you can do more than one task at a time, saving time, you usually delegate less important tasks and focus on the most important ones.
5.       Learn to say no
If you\’re starting a business, you\’re trying to satisfy as many clients as you can. But the work is not always well done. If you know you can\’t get the job done by the deadline, say no. Not every offer, phone call or email is important to your business.
6.       Become an architect of your own time
Everyone has a minute, not exactly more than 24 hours. Learn to choose the important ones and focus on them. No one will give you time and you may wish to have used it differently and better.