Last month, the most widespread virus in history was called Conficker. Shortly after, Satily code took the top spot on the list of most widespread malware viruses, and the third place was taken by this virus called Ransomware Locky. This ransomware-based malware viruscaused more than 5 percent of all attacks detected worldwide in just one month. This malware-based virus, which attacks unprotected clients, increased by 13 percent in September, and even security experts at the world\’s top companies still do not know how to effectively defend against this virus.
Ransomware – vyděračské viry

What kind of virus is it?
This is an infection system based on malware . Unfortunately, this virus is very complex and also uses a very intelligent advanced encryption system that can penetrate secure networks
. This is the same encryption used by banks and other institutions in the financial sector. This virus targets the security surrounding payment encryptionon the Internet
What and how does this malware cause?
This is a type of virus that comes via email. It may be regular spam, or it may be an email that appears legitimate. The email has an attachment in the form of a Word document. The moment you download and open this file on your computer, a virusis downloaded to your computer and a macro identification script is executed that installs a programon your computer that searches your computer for files containing personal information using encryption. transmitted to the person who sent this virus.
How do I get rid of the virus?
After this type of virus is installed, cybercriminals will send a warning that they can access your files if you pay a fine. However, this is a lieand the files cannot be accessed even if you pay the money. The only solution is to delete the files from the system, but this means losing
data that has not been backed up.