Self-discipline is one of the tools at our disposal in self-development. Self-discipline is the ability to compel oneself to behave in a particular way, regardless of one\’s current emotional state. Everyone has some degree of self-discipline, but the level of self-discipline can be low or high, depending on the environment in which we were raised and the environment in which we move. Self-discipline can be trained and increased. Even those with enormous and outstanding talent can accomplish nothing without self-discipline.
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Self-discipline can be gradually increased through progressive training, in which one gives oneself tasks and goals that are realistic to achieve and close to one\’s limits. Let us now compare this to strength training. If you try to train with a barbell that you can\’t move, you won\’t increase your muscle strength, and if you train with lighter weights, you won\’t increase your strength. The weight of the barbell must be near the limit, and there is also the challenge of self-discipline. This is not an overnight change, but a gradual, long-term process. If the imaginary bar is raised a little higher each week, self-discipline will always improve.
The nice vision of the budding entrepreneur is a sort of final stage, where he no longer works so much on his own, but only organizes and manages the business. For most small businesses, however, this is impossible to achieve without the self-discipline that comes with the hard work of starting a business.
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One of the main reasons many people have problems with self-discipline is that they focus too much on their current emotions instead of looking at their long-term goals. In short, the present feeling of wanting to be lazy prevails, and they use some excuse to convince themselves that there is not much need to deal with it right now, and they put it all off.
According to estimates and several studies, the average office worker wastes up to 37 percent of his or her time on non-work activities. While it is up to the individual to examine his or her own conscience, it is hard to find anyone who would say that there is nothing to improve in this regard.