Tools for barbecuing

The grill has come to be used in many Czech homes. This trend, which gradually came from the West, is becoming very popular and is no longer as exaggerated as it used to be. The Internet is full of instructions on how to grill steaks and burgers, how to make delicious grilled vegetables, and how to grill herb baguettes to go with the meat.
What is very important is to use the right tools to get the best results. Tools can be found both online and at major supermarkets.
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So what do you need?
A fork to turn the meat over
As any experienced cook will tell you, poking the meat with a fork during preparation (except in recipes that specifically instruct you to use a fork) will cause all the juices to run off the meat and leave it dry and dry on the plate. This is why tongs are such an important and indispensable part of the cooking utensil.
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Searing Spatula
When roasting on a stone, this is the ideal tool to use when the meat begins to brown slightly. The slight curve makes it easy to handle. It can also be used to prepare vegetables. 20]

Many recipes remind the home cook that meat, whether pork or fish, should ideally be rubbed with butter and herbs. However, one should not attempt to use a classic kitchen rub for this task. The bristles will burn quickly from the heat. Grill rubs have fibers made of heat-resistant material and will not rot from heat.
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Steak heaters
They may be an unnecessary gadget, but if you are a novice steak cook, you will certainly benefit from this little invention. To keep a steak from drying out, whether rare, medium, or well done, it must have the proper internal temperature. Each stage has a temperature that must be maintained, which is ideally determined by a needle thermometer.
Other tools include, for example, cutlery for steaks.