Types of Small Space Remodeling

Often we get a small apartment and want to remodel it. But the first catch is the fact that the space has already been renovated once before. That is why you have to throw yourself into the vortex of renovation once again and make the apartment your own. Get ready to tear down the exterior walls of your old apartment, replace the windows and doors, and even tweak the floor plan to change the layout.
Malý byt
Where do I start? 10]

First, sit down and draw the existing floor plan. Determine what your needs are in terms of square footage or how you want to live. What is your lifestyle like, will your apartment be a gathering place for friends, or will the living room be part of your office? All of these questions will shape the final design of your apartment.
Use every nook and cranny for storage
Whenever possible, incorporate storage cabinets, shelves, and racks. Especially in the kitchen, you need to play with storage. Place spices or store pots and pans. Take advantage of the space under the sofa where you can hide boxes on casters, or recess into the baseboard in the bathroom.
Bring light in everywhere
Whenever possible, have large windows in your apartment. Not only will large windows let in more daylight and save you money on utility bills, but they will also visually expand the space in your apartment. Imagine sitting on your apartment couch with the windows wide open and feeling like you are sitting in the middle of a park. Try to use bright colors that don\’t detract from the space. If you like to be quirky, you can add a splash of color to the space.
Ukládací prostory
Make hallways smaller
If there is an entrance, design it as small as possible. Old prefabricated hallways in particular take up too much space that you will never actually use, so replace the hallway with a spacious bathroom where you can relax in a beautiful bathtub.