Which animals actually speak?

1. One of the favorite motifs of children\’s fairy tales and movies is, among other things, animals that speak or have the opportunity to communicate with people in an understandable way. Not only as a result, but many hope that this is really possible. But as we learn more and more about animals, we find that we have abilities and skills that we have never dreamed of before. And, above all, whether any of them is capable of real communication is also being investigated. Of course, some species are able to imitate human speech. For example, some parrots and crustaceans are known for this. But here we understand that there is a big difference between making certain sounds, such as mimicking a human voice, and actually understanding what we are saying.

psům rozumíme poměrně dobře

Recently, the so-called talking button has become very popular. When an animal, dog or cat presses it with its paws or nose, the word sounds. The basic principle of the dog is to teach our pet what the given button means and gradually add it.

Unfortunately, despite a lot of YouTube videos, I found that it doesn\’t work almost as well as it looks. Both dogs and cats have limited abilities, they can learn the meaning of certain words, but they can\’t think abstractly and certainly can\’t speak like this.

kosatky mají svůj vlastní jazyk

But what about other species that are considered intelligent? It is true that each species has its own specific way of communication. Perhaps everyone knows what a dog\’s growl or cat\’s hiss means, and he clearly messes as if the animal pronounced it, however, this does not mean that there is purely no audio communication.

It is used by songbirds and cetaceans, some of which have their own language. For example, killer whales have recorded several different dialects, depending on where they come from. Therefore, it is clear that animals can communicate with each other and with other species. But interspecific communication is often limited to the basic signals that can be most easily understood. Who knows what else surprises us?