World of Warcraft Classic – Return to the Roots

Today, all games are much simpler than they were a few years ago, and everything is more casual and approachable. From the very beginning, tutorials of all kinds will teach you the ropes. Enemies are usually slaughtered by the dozens and don\’t take much effort to kill, except in titles like “Dark Souls”, where even an ordinary dead-looking soldier sitting in a tree with a halberd becomes a nightmare, taking all the preciousEstus flasks! Sometimes.
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Not surprisingly, the game, which when it first began more than a decade ago was going its own way to provide an authentic experience, has had to adapt to this trend. Specifically, we are talking about World of Warcraft , Blizzard Entertainment\’s MMORPG and for a long time the most played online game in the world. Since its launch, a total of seven data disks have been released, which have greatly influenced the look and feel of the game world. A large amount of content has been added, including new races, professions, areas, dungeons, raids, battlefields, and tons of equipment. Recently, another major graphics update has been made, modernizing and improving almost every model in the game. When the game was launched in 2004, there were only eight playable races and nine professions, few PVP or PVE options, and the world was smaller and emptier, with more challenging locations. The lack of specific gameplay facilitators also encouraged social interaction between players, which has now essentially disappeared unless you are playing in a group or near a major city.
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Definitely great news if you are nostalgic for those days and want to reminisce, or if you don\’t play because you feel the game is crap now.” A new version subtitled “Classic” will be released on August 27, 2019, offering just a slightly modernized version of the original 2004 game. The release will be divided into several phases, with all content unlocked over a period of approximately six weeks. The exact order in which each section will be unlocked is unknown. For player convenience, the game will also include modern features such as friend integration, right-click player reporting, and the ability to trade items and equipment in raids. Good news for those wondering how much such a game would cost! All you need is a basic World of Warcraft subscription, which costs €12.99 per month.