6 Study Apps

In this article, we will introduce 6 useful apps to have on your phone. Why?


When it comes to foreign languages, not everyone can become a native speaker immediately. And that\’s not a bad thing; the Memrise app is perfect for your mobile device. You can choose to learn vocabulary from German, English, Spanish, Japanese, Danish, Polish, Korean, and many other languages. It is a serious learning experience.

Available on the App Store and Google Play. Available for free, but an enhanced version is available for a fee.
aplikace v telefonu

2.My Study life

This is an app that schedules your classes and reminds you weekly. The main advantage is that you can set a time to be alerted, for example, 20 minutes before an event.

My study life is free on both the App Store and Google play.


An excellent keyboard for aspiring English writers. In most cases, it allows you to edit English sentences and even gives you a valid reason as to why the expression was misspelled. This app will be appreciated by many. It can be downloaded for free on both android and iOS.
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4.Scanner Mini

As the name suggests, you take a picture of a document with your camera and “scan” it with the app to create a black and white document. However, to forward documents via email or save them to a document requires the PRO version, which costs 200 CZK per month. However, the app can be downloaded from both stores.

5.iNote – Sticky Note by Color

This name can be found in the App Store. It is a “sticky note” paper on which you can write various dates and events. Once set up, the app will notify you. It\’s a simple program that helps in a pinch when you don\’t have paper on hand. Not sure if this app can be found on Google Play.
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iPhone Features

If you have an iPhone, we would like to draw your attention to an invaluable, but little known feature for students. The feature is called “Quiet Time. It can be found by clicking on “Screen Time” under “Settings”. With Quiet Time, all notifications except messages and calls will not appear. This allows you to concentrate on your studies with peace of mind. You can also set a time limit manually.

You probably know these apps. If not, you won\’t pay for the test.