Solar energy for apartments Try.

Solar energy is considered a renewable resource. Realistically speaking, all you need is the sun and some equipment. If you live in an apartment and think that solar power is not for you, you are mistaken. Even a small apartment can save money by installing a solar system.
Solární elektrárna v horách
What you need:
1. Solar panels – stand-alone panels that convert solar energy into electricity. Solar panels require energy to make and are not very nature loving materials, but they work better as grid power when comparing functionality to overall energy savings.
2. Battery – A battery that stores energy when there is a surplus or when the sun is not shining. This is not only a problem at night, but also when the sky is overcast or the panels are snowed in and you are not home but need power.
3. Solar Controller – To control the charging process, it is recommended to use a solar controller that monitors the voltage in the system and charges the batteries. This will prevent expensive battery damage.
Solar energy can be used in combination with LED bulbs for lighting the apartment, illuminating the entire apartment independently of the energy supply from the supplier.
Solární panel
Where should the panels be placed?
Panels can be placed near windows, on balcony walls, on roofs, or even next to windows.
The initial investment starts at 5,000 CZK, but depending on the amount of electricity consumed, this investment will pay off in a while. 18]
It is recommended to have an expert connect all components, even if it is not a complicated job.
The exact parameters, the type of panels and batteries will always depend on your needs, and if you are not familiar with it, outsource the work to a specialized company that deals with this kind of energy recovery.