A healthy lifestyle is about more than just eating healthy

. It takes much more than that to lead a healthy lifestyle. A healthy diet is more than just that. It is a holistic approach to life. Always work on yourself, always take care of yourself. [Health is a complex issue.
poloha jógy

  1. Start by buying only good quality foods, only staple foods. No convenience foods, frozen prepared foods, or pre-made bakery mixes.
  2. Avoid foods that are fully advertised.
  3. Cook your own meals. Make varied meals and don\’t be afraid to experiment; eat three to five times a day.
  4. Maintain good mental health. Always aim to be in a good mood. Use meditation and mental training. Have fun. Don\’t hold on to problems or worries that you can\’t get back. Accept things as they are. What has happened will not change, so don\’t burden yourself with it.
  5. Get enough exercise. Walking from the parking lot to your car or running to the streetcar is definitely not sufficient daily exercise. If you are physically fit, try a brisk walk or a trot run. And try to get closer to 10 km per day.
  6. Learn to breathe properly. Of course, normal surface breathing is sufficient to keep us from dying. But for all our organs, for all our periphery, it is not at all sufficient. Correct breathing can heal and cure many diseases.
  7. Even if we cannot completely eliminate negative influences from our lives, we should try to reduce them. These include smoking, alcohol, drugs, and sugar.
  8. Avoid abusing drugs. If you get a headache, cope with it by increasing fluid intake or taking a walk in fresh air. If you reach for sedatives too soon, you can become dependent.

váha a metr
Don\’t force anything. Approach everything with caution. Do that and you will soon feel better.