8 professions that will probably disappear

People often think carefully about their careers. For example, they wonder whether they should work as a banker and make a lot of money or do something socially meaningful. There is another important question they need to answer. [Does this profession have a future? When they turn 40, they may find themselves wandering helplessly in a job center.Warehouse worker
Incoming goods are automatically checked by camera and computer. This could make the warehouse worker\’s job redundant. Already today, robots are being tested taking goods off the shelves and packing them.
2. Human Resources
Currently, human resources departments pre-screen candidates using various computer programs. In the future, when personal interviews are eliminated and the entire hiring process is performed by automated machines, recruiters will have nothing to do. Robots could even make promotion decisions based on available data.
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3. Fast food clerks
Will no longer need clerks to process orders or to man the kitchen. Fast food restaurants are also making major efforts to automate. Furthermore, unlike humans, machines do not require lunch breaks or holidays.
4. Lawyers
Even major law firms have software programs that automatically scan texts. If it is a simple legal question, the computer will answer it. In court hearings, humans remain indispensable, but for how long?
5. Bankers
Robots also advise on investments. At this rate, who will call a personal banker? 6.

letuška v letadleConstruction Workers
3D printers have brought about significant changes in the construction industry. In Japan, the technology has enabled entire buildings to be constructed on site.

7. Seafarers
Many shipping companies have self-propelled ships. Thus, the crew of a merchant vessel that is self-propelled is an added bonus on the high seas.
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8. Stewardesses
The occupation of stewardesses is primarily filled by women. They must be helpful and know safety regulations. Today, many airlines are suffering from economic problems. Major airlines such as Air France have announced that they will have to cut hundreds of jobs because of this.