Advertising on the Internet affects

. According to a recent CTU study in Marketing and Telecommunications, advertising not only has a significant impact on children, but the main thing is that children are unaware of the ads and are not aware of whether the YouTuber is really interested in the product, is really fascinated, or is already a paid partnership The main thing is that children are not aware of the ads. Children just see the hamburger their favorite internet idol is eating and want the same thing, but they are not aware that it may be a well thought out advertising strategy.
Internet influencers themselves do not admit that they are filming commercials for money. They are afraid to admit it because they always lose part of their fan base when they find out they are just talking ad spots.
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Parents are unaware of this and protect them in the wrong places

Adults in particular try to protect their children from all the influences of advertising in the real world, but they often forget that even more influences exist on the Internet and that children can access them through small screens and computers. Thus, parents learn about the products their children want the day their son or daughter actually comes to them and demands to buy them. And it is not just burgers and toys, it seems, but also pants, T-shirts, sweatshirts, clothing in general, household items, cosmetics, and other items that at first glance do not look like advertisements. All of these things are literally shoved down the children\’s throats throughout the duration of the video, but they are unaware of it.
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Banning is not the way to go

Puritanically taking away the devices and locking them in the closet may be a solution, but it is not the right solution. We need to set aside time to talk with our children about what is and is not an advertisement. What looks like an ad. You need to point out to him that he is trying to make the exact same amount of money as you are. Of course, if you cut off the Internet [19] [20], the problem is solved.