Animals in my home

When I was little I always wanted to have a house full of animals. You may say that all small children wanted that, and you are right, I do not know a child who did not dream of having a house full of animals when he or she was a child. So I begged for days for my mom and dad to buy me a kitten or a puppy. And you know what? It would be great if my parents could get me both a kitten and a puppy. Because every kid wants a puppy. And we were lucky because we lived in the country, and so did my best friend.

Měla jsem taky fretku.

And my best friend already had a puppy. Not just one puppy. The friend also loved animals, just like me. So did her parents and my parents. I think living in a village automatically makes you love animals. Our grandmother and grandfather also had chickens and rabbits, but they were useful. I always wanted to have an animal that I could cuddle. First, my parents bought me a little dwarf rabbit. The ferret was quite smelly, but I lived with her for nine years. She was really tame and I loved her.

Kočky mám ráda.

Eventually, my parents also got me a puppy and a kitten and I was truly in heaven. I am now almost 40 years old. I have two beautiful dogs and three cats at home and they really take care of me for all the fun I have at home. We also have two kids, so you can imagine what our normal day is like. What kind of pets did you have as a child? Or did you not like animals orjdidn\’t have a place to keep them? I know it can be hard to take care of animals, but everyone needs to take care of them. Here, thanks to the animals, we can also learn how to properly care for all living things.