Animals of the Savanna

Savannas are bodies of water generally located in the subtropical or tropical zones. In such places, the dry and rainy seasons alternate. This allows animals to withstand the high summer temperatures, which can reach 40-45°C during the day. During the day, the savanna is almost completely deserted. The animals hide in shadows and burrows and begin hunting in the late afternoon and early evening. The reason is simple: the temperature drops as the hours get later. Savannas are classified as wetlands, aridlands, and thorny areas. Depending on the region we can find different animals.
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1. African savanna animals

This is probably the most famous savanna, where in addition to the aforementioned beasts we can see various birds, rhinos, giraffes, or hyena dogs.
– Hadil\’s scribe
This is a bird endemic to the African savanna. It is a large bird of prey, with typical long legs, used mainly for hunting. It has a very striking bill and is almost indistinguishable by its black and white coloration. They are 1.5 meters tall and weigh 2 to 5 kilograms. With its wings spread, it is 2-3 meters long. They feed on reptiles, insects, and small mammals. Cormorants usually mate for life
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2. Animals of the South American savannas

These savannas tend to have a humid climate and are where anteaters, armadillos, and wolves are encountered. Predators include jaguars and pumas.
– The Ninth Banded Armadillo
is classified as a mammal. This creature is very easy to identify in nature. Its body is partially composed of a carapace with several horny plates. The body is a striking silvery to gray color. It has very sharp, long claws on the tips of its limbs, which it uses to hunt its prey. They are small animals and are mainly nocturnal. Their food is mainly insects. They are also good swimmers.

3. Animals of the Australian savanna.

Here you will meet kangaroos, anteaters, and dingo dogs.
– The anteater [26] is classified as a marsupial and is endemic to Australia. It is small, about 30 cm in size and weighs 0.2-0.5 kg. The anteater has a very large number of teeth, the most of any land mammal (52). They feed mainly on insects and hunt in tree hollows. These animals are most abundant in areas where buttercups thrive diversely.