Critical thinking is an essential tool in the search for truth

You read it on the Internet, so it must be true, right? I saw it on the news, I saw it on TV, so it must be true! Moreover, maybe the prime minister or the president spoke it, so it must be pure truth! Or is it all different?
You have probably encountered similar arguments. You got this information from the Internet, from news servers, from the mouths of politicians. You knew the information was false, but they were sure it wasn\’t. But how do you explain to them that everything coming from similar sources is far from the truth?
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This kind of reasoning is especially common today, especially among older people. This is a generation that was struck by the Internet out of the blue quite late in life and is still accustomed to the idea that what they say goes with what they say. The elderly in particular (as well as their children) believe that it is natural to tell the truth and not to lie. This is especially true if you are an official of the Constitution.
In today\’s world, however, things are a little different. Because the normal thing to do is to verify the information received and, above all, to think critically.
When it comes to the Internet, it is a world without borders. There are websites and news sites that are outright lies, and there are websites that can help you verify the information you receive, even if it is a statement from a politician.
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The question, however, is how to navigate in such a world and inundation of information. And here we return to critical thinking again. This is why people should learn critical thinking as early as possible, ideally in elementary school where it is needed like salt. The more we live on the Internet, the more we need critical thinking. Because you can\’t trust anything written anywhere on the Internet or anything a politician says.