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Board games and card games, in short, multiplayer games, are a great way to entertain yourself as well as others. There are many types, from the logical to the strategic. There really are so many to choose from nowadays, and there is something for everyone. This article will list only the great ones!

UBONGOis a game for several players. Each player gets a game board and a puzzle piece. The job is to assemble the pieces as quickly as possible according to the given pattern. According to the order, players draw diamonds – there are several types, and each type has a different number of points. Whoever has the most points collected thanks to diamonds wins.
Člověče, nezlob se!
Everyone knows the game . There are several versions of the game: junior, adult, gold, take a guess, etc. The main advantage of this game is that you can learn something. It can be played individually or in groups. You roll the dice and go around the boxes with themes such as sports, trivia, culture, etc. There will always be a question, and if you answer correctly, you will receive a token for that category. The first person to answer all categories wins.

This game is very similar to Czech. The answers are written on the board. Here you answer using numbers. For example, what is Africa, the largest of all continents? As an added bonus, you can bet on whether your answer or your opponent\’s answer is correct. The one with the most chips wins.
Hrací karty
Man, don\’t get mad!
Man, don\’t get mad! will never go out of style. This game has guided us since we were little, and up until now, playing this game has definitely brought out the competitive spirit and tension of being fired. This game just never gets old. It makes you laugh, makes you want to blow off your loved ones, and of course makes you win! If you haven\’t played this game in a while, you need to do so again! It reminds me of my childhood and you will never get bored of it.