The game is for 4 to 7 players and simulates life in the Wild West, where for 10 to 60 minutes you can be a “Vice,” a sidekick whose main task is to protect the sheriff who guards his town or the “boss” who is against bandits with a clear mission to drive the sheriff away. You can. A completely unique character is the reclusive rebel whose mission is to remain the last character in the game. Easy enough, right?
zbraň s nápisem
There is one small snag, however. Aside from the sheriff, each player\’s identity remains hidden. To win, you have to use tactics, strategy, a little deduction, and then hope that luck is on your side.
So what should we do? Like in the Wild West, protect and shoot. But be careful not to accidentally hurt your accomplices! During the game, do not reveal your role until you die or win. Use your van card to shoot and your neighbor\’s card to dodge. However, you must consider the distance between characters. If there are two next to each other, there is naturally one, if there is someone between the two, there are two, and so on, but you can shorten or extend the distance with some abilities or cards.
Another element is the characters to be drawn. Before the game begins, everyone draws two completely unique characters, not only by name and likeness, but also by ability and life count.
nápis bang
Bang! was designed in 2002 by Italian card and computer game designer Emiliano Sciarra. Illustrations were done by Alex Pierangelini; in 2004, the game won the “Origins Award”
Due to its great success, the game has received several expansions and is still enjoyed by lovers of card games and westerns. New expansions include High Noon, in which a new card appears on the table during each round, affecting the entire round. Other expansions include Gold Rush, where gold rolls can be purchased and traded for a variety of abilities and props. And then there are Ghost Towns and Valley of Shadows.