You can make a kingdom out of a small apartment | 3 tips on how to fit in a small apartment

1. 1
Use more things in
Do you know of a super shampoo that can be used as a soap, shampoo or conditioner to do this? If you\’ve ever had it, you know it\’s much better than having 3 huge bottles in the shower.
This is how it works with home accessories. The most famous of these accessories is about 2in1 sofa, which can be transformed into a bed. But today there are also such furniture that we can say that the byte is literally “multifunctional”. What about, for example, a bed that, when folded, becomes a sofa, or a bed that pushes it up by hand and provides space for the entire wardrobe at the bottom? But isn\’t a table that can be folded, leaning against the wall and becoming a mirror, and a chair that can be hung on a hanger, completely useless? Just look on the internet and choose what looks just right for you.
I správně zvolené barvy umí udělat své
2. Furniture
Furniture is probably the main thing that fills your apartment. So choose one that will make your apartment at least visually larger. The ancient wooden table from my grandmother certainly has its history and deserves good treatment, but it does not fit very well into a small apartment. Rather, choose more “airy”, more modern furniture that visually fills the apartment not so much.
Starý nábytek je krásný, ale do malého bytu se nehodí
You may have noticed that optics do a lot of things before. Thus, we can expand the apartment not only with furniture, but certainly with the right layout – the room looks large if the furniture is surrounded by all sides, and the free space is not square, but simply surrounded by sides and serves as a narrow elongated “noodles”. Color (reno, tile, carpet, well chosen for the type of walls and floors…It also has its place here.
Optically magnifying colors are quite bright with a large color contrast (for example, white and red, or light tones of white, pink and black, or white light blue again black), then choose a rather floor depending on the furniture of the room and its interior.