Black Friday – Will it be rewarded for customers or just merchants?

If there was only one day in a year that was supposed to be a shopping holiday, it would definitely be Black Friday. This discount has its roots in the United States (it\’s Friday after Thanksgiving), but it will soon be popular all over the world, as sellers give discounts of up to 80% on all possible goods in the United States, shopping on Black Friday can almost live (remember some cases of trampling with discounts on electronics).
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Another 1 difference is that while in the US Black Friday is actually a matter of 1 day (often it starts at midnight), in the Czech Republic, customers can indulge in these discounts after a few days, usually extended for the entire weekend, sometimes for 1 week. In addition to goods, discounts can be used for services – you can buy a ticket or cheaper to stay in the hotel.
Beware of fake discounts!
The downside of this shopping holiday is that everything may not be as it looks. The seller offers an 80% discount on the selected product, but what customers often do not know is that the price has increased deliberately before. According to Shoptet, the actual discount is on average50%, while some other marketing companies are giving an average of25%.Therefore, customers buy goods at discounted prices, but far from what was presented by the seller. Also, discount products are often products for sale, which the seller remains in the so-called inventory. The best way to stay ahead of the curve is to look for products that you are interested in some time in advance, track price movements and compare e-shops with different sellers. Also, products you choose after a Black Friday discount may cost the same as another e-shop without a discount. Unfair practices of traders are overseen, for example, by Apify or the Czech Trade Inspection Agency. These practices are also frequently highlighted in the media, resulting in increased customer awareness and reduced customer numbers.
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While Black Friday is still popular globally – for example, traditionally the best selling day in the United States – marketing experts note that statistically, the price of goods is not 11 months, but the lowest in 12 months as part of the post-Christmas discount. Sometimes it is best to wait.