Just the two of you or with your parents

This is a question that a significant majority of young couples ask themselves. In these not-so-good times, housing for young people is not easy. Living with one\’s parents is a burden on both parties and is frequently argued about. Do they take out a mortgage or continue to endure the tense atmosphere of family gatherings?
A significant number of young people resort to buying or at least renting real estate. The main issues here are financial affordability and the atmosphere around the hearth. Without a sizable sum of money, they resort to renting, which is not a good move, but it achieves the goal.

jedna plus jedna
Buying guarantees more funds than renting and allows you to rent two or three times. On the other hand, if you buy a property, you can never go wrong. In today\’s real estate market, you will not lose the amount of money invested in the purchase, as prices do not fall in the long term. Therefore, it is better for a couple to choose to start living together alone. It is not nonsensical to say that the two of you should stay together. If both boyfriend and girlfriend have stable jobs, there is no need to hesitate. Not only will it be easier to pay the mortgage, but it will also give them a sense of security that they would never get at home.
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Now that mortgages are lump-sum, if you have at least some base saved up, go for it. If you buy a studio condo, you can pay off two mortgages in eight years. The condo will be yours and you can guarantee it with your next mortgage (e.g., a single-family home) if necessary. You never know when your family will grow. You can keep the flat after it is paid off and rent it out to cover part of the mortgage on a new, larger property.

It is up to you alone to decide about your life, whether you want to follow your own free path or continue living with your family.