Business license instead of Employment contract

Business and employment of people is now deteriorating. On the one hand, employers are feeling pressure from the state to raise the minimum wage.This often means considerable complexity for companies as they are used to employing only the cheapest workforce. In most cases, the rules confirm that physically more intense work is rewarded with lower wages.
svářeč při sváření
Meanwhile, these companies are facing a shortage of employees.The state is raising the minimum wage, but it is still very low for a normal life. People for such low money simply do not want to work, and when they are already working, they do not go to full capacity.
This is why full-time jobs are often tinsel. Both companies employ only part-timewho pay part of the contract\’s compensation and the rest pay virtually hand in hand. This happens very often, for example, in the hospitality industry. Here the waitresses and waiters are employed just like this. For employers, the pressure on wages is reduced, and employees do not have to tax the money earned on the side. Yes, they consider this an advantage, and that\’s one of the main reasons they approach this type of work.1 But the big drawback is that if a woman goes to childbirth from part-time, these people are paid a minimum sick leave and she is entitled to the minimum money again tomorrow, therefore, it is necessary to think about whether it is really worth it.
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Another solution that employers have found is to accept employees as if they were working on a trade license. This is also advantageous for employers because employers have less to worry about hiring people and less to worry about health insurance, social insurance, and taxes. The same benefits apply to employees. Now let\’s take a look at them. 1. A person who works for one company with a business license is more at a disadvantage than at an advantage. In most cases, this means issuing only 12 invoices in 12 months, which significantly limits the items that can be put into expenses as part of the tax settlement. Therefore, they will lose their child\’s tax bonus, so they will have to apply expenses instead of lump sum payments. Another problem is disease. Such people usually pay only basic health insurance, which means that during sick leave they really get a little money. There is no obligation to pay socially, but this will cause difficulties in retirement. So work more with contracts and business licenses. It will definitely be more beneficial to you, so try to win it.