Canine Companions for Apartments

It is not for nothing that we as a nation are called dog lovers. Having a puppy in an apartment can be a bit challenging. After all, space is limited and the walls are not soundproof. What should you look out for and what should you look for when choosing a puppy? [Many people believe that only small dogs are suitable for apartments. However, this is not always true. If you walk your dog often enough and tire him out enough, the only problem with a large dog is the fact that anything within tail-wagging height is at risk.maltézský psík.jpg
Another important parameter is the amount of energy. If an active dog is often left alone in an apartment, it can destroy everything in its path. However, this can easily be avoided by a variety of activities that tire the dog out.
The biggest obstacle in welcoming a dog into an apartment is its vocal expression. Small dogs are known for their incessant barking, while large dogs may howl or whine. They cannot please their neighbors. With proper training, it is possible to prevent these problems, familiarize the dog with the sounds in the building, make it think they are normal and not react to them.
The general formula for a dog that fits in an apartment is a combination of the above. In other words, it should be a small to medium sized breed of dog that does not have a ferocious barking nature and does not have very large energy reserves.
Basset – A dog of medium build, not required for breeding. Originally bred for hunting, domestication has made them gentle dogs with little barking. A daily walk is sufficient to satisfy them, and their demands moderate with age.yorkšírský teriér.jpg
Bichon – Friendly and playful dog. His calm and jovial nature makes him a companion in many homes. They are loyal and only need a daily moment of play along with a walk.
Yorkshire Terrier – A very well-known breed, but due to crossbreeding, each typical dog of this breed faces the problem of looking a little different (weighing 1.5 to 5 kg). They are small, clean companions, so-called couch potatoes, who like to sleep while their owners are at work, and in the afternoons a walk is enough to let off some energy.