Computer Business

In my opinion, the biggest computer business is computer games. How many children and adults spend countless hours in front of the computer playing games? How many people can spend thousands of dollars on games? PayPal and SuperData conducted an in-depth study and found that the annual transaction amount is about $12 million. Can you imagine how much money that is? So how many people are playing, and how often? It must be a huge computer business. Action games are the most popular. Almost 50% of Czech gamers prefer this category. On average, Czech gamers spend about 2,000 kronor on the purchase of games.
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Computer games are highly addictive and players become addicted. This plays right into the hands of the computer business. But computer games are not only negative. Playing games has been proven to develop team leadership skills, quick reactions and decisions, anticipation, and strategic thinking. The first computer game, Pong, was created in 1972. Then in 1980, the legendary game “Pac-Man” contributed to the computer business. Atari was the first company to sell 19,000 units of the successful Pong game in 1972. The computer market saw its greatest advances in the 1990s to the present day, with profits reaching astronomical heights.
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According to the Czech Game Developers Association, the total turnover of the gaming industry is estimated at over 3 billion kronor. This is a huge and growing business, and not just in the Czech Republic. And its growth is also remarkable. Up to half of teenagers admit to playing several computer games at the same time and spending up to 20 hours a week there. In total, more than 1,000 people are employed by gaming companies, and there is always room for young, predatory blood. In fact, there are over 200 job openings. Who wouldn\’t want to work in a job they enjoy? Then go ahead.