Games for Kids

Are you in charge of a group of kids but don\’t know what to do with them? This article will help you find ways to entertain naughty children.Hrajte si netradičně

This is a game for 10 or more kids. Ideally, it should be played outdoors in an open space or gymnasium. It is played in pairs and requires either a ball or a winding rope to throw. Players are divided into halves. One team starts and throws the ball as far as possible. A circle is formed and one person starts to go around it (counting laps). The other team runs to retrieve the ball. All team members stand behind each other and send the ball between their legs. The person at the end of the row can throw the ball to go around the circle. The other team runs to retrieve the ball. This is done until one team has completed 50 laps.

Balloons and pins

This game can be played outdoors or in the gym. First, one or more players (depending on the number of players) are assigned pins. The remaining players are balloons. The pins chase the balloons. When a balloon is caught, it bursts and must be inflated. To play again, the player must run to another balloon and squat three times toward it. You cannot puncture a balloon while it is being inflated. The pins should be replaced during the game so that everyone can take turns.Hrajte si spolu

This game is suitable for 14 or more players. It is played like a normal memory game, so the first two players choose each other and go out the door (or out of earshot). The remaining players make pairs that line up the movements and sounds. Then shuffle and arrange them like cards in a memory game. You may ask them to squat or sit down. Then invite players to join in, and one person begins. Play a normal memory game, always pointing to someone and having to indicate the sound or symbol that matches the pair. Once one player hits it, continue until they get it wrong. Once a player gets it wrong, the other player plays. The card that is guessed takes the place of the person who guessed it. The game ends when there are no more cards left.