The forest is a sanctuary full of life!

full of life.
A forest is a place full of life, both plant and animal. We all love to hike and just walk in nature. [but when we enter a forest, we feel as if we are in another country. Sometimes we hear birds chirping and streams murmuring, sometimes we hear nothing. Only the birds announce the arrival of their unseen guests. In nature we sport and relax.


We visit
– We do not throw trash on the ground and maintain order
– We don\’t step on mushrooms we don\’t eat, because someone in the forest will eat them
– We will stick to hiking trails so we don\’t wander off into places we don\’t want to go
– Try not to throw food scraps around the campsite, it attracts animals
– Do not make too much noise. Relaxation and peace in the woods relieves stress
– Keep fires in designated areas .
– Do not touch cubs. The mother may reject them
– Do not give animals our food, especially baked goods

Safety first!
Animals are afraid of us, but let us also enter nature and the forest with respect and caution. Be careful for your own safety and the safety of your loved ones. There are dangerous animals and they can attack us. Of course, we must also protect ourselves from insects. Every time you go into the woods, spray against ticks and stinging insects. Stay away from unknown snakes. Snakes that seem harmless to us may actually be poisonous. If you are bitten by a venomous snake, seek medical attention immediately, as it is really only a matter of minutes.


For example, if you encounter a bear, wild boar, or wolf, your life may be in danger. Therefore, we should stick to hiking trails. These animals are afraid of us and will not go to busy places.
If nature is safe, so are we who visit this sanctuary of peace, tranquility, and purity.