Hedgehogs’ Winter Shelter

for it to survive the winter. Hedgehogs, for example, are always welcome in the garden. They can help you get rid of unwanted visitors and pests.
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During the fall months of October and November, hedgehogs prepare for winter. When the outside temperature begins to drop below -5 degrees Celsius, the hedgehogs go into hibernation. And we can easily help them find shelter to survive the freezing temperatures unscathed. In the past, hibernation was much easier because hedgehogs often moved around the yard. Near every house there was a suitable winter shelter where hedgehogs could safely settle:
§ a wood pile
§ a pile of fallen leaves
§ an open compost pile

a safe place in the garden

But if the garden is thoroughly organized If the garden is thoroughly organized,the hedgehog will no longer be able to find shelter there, and will have no choice but to move out. If they cannot find shelter to hibernate, they will wander until they freeze to death or become trapped under the wheels of a car. To keep the garden too tidy is precisely what we do ourselves harm. If a garden is swept and weeded too thoroughly , it is more susceptible to pest attacks. At the same time, we lose our species-rich visitors, we lose the ability to observe a wide variety of animals and rejoice in the presence of such useful prickly companions.
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Hedgehog helpers

Hedgehogs eat mainly invertebrates§ Small slugs
§ Various fruits
§ Various berries
Thus, hedgehogs clean up the garden in the fall and pests that are troublesome They also get rid of pesky pests. Hedgehogs are active only at night; during the day they find any hiding place they can find and rest:
§ Under stones
§ Under trees
§ In leaves
§ In tall grass in quiet places in the garden
§ In shrubs Inside
Hedgehogs are solitary creatures, only interested in their mates when mating.