What’s sexy about men

Every woman is different. However, we asked a few women and found out what they like about real men. You may be surprised, but it\’s the truth!
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  1. Some support it and love it, others criticize it with the opinion that only criminals wear it. We are talking about tattoos. Tattoos are quite a trend nowadays, and many people adorn their bodies. However, women like men\’s tattoos! It\’s sexy when a big man has a tattoo on his sleeve that adorns his strong arms.

  1. This is another matter of opinion, but when asked, many women say they prefer beards to men with chins. When a man has well-groomed stubble, women feel as if they have a real man, not a young boy.

  1. Strange as it may seem, it is not only men who like women\’s butts. The opposite is also true. Some women are the type that get turned on by men\’s butts and find them to be the sexiest part of the male body. So, if you go to the gym regularly and focus on exercises to tone your butt, you will definitely attract women!

  1. Do you have a complex because your voice is like a whistle but your friends\’ voices are rough and masculine like movie actors? It\’s not unreasonable! Women love men with sexy, masculine vocal chords!

  1. No woman wants to hug and cuddle a skeleton. Women love a man with a good physique, broad shoulders, strong arms, and a big manly belly. They are definitely not attracted to a man whose ribs are crawling all over the place and seem to crumble every time they bump into him. It is also the kind of security a woman feels in the arms of a proper man.

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  1. Unfortunately, one of the top priorities of women is something no one can control: height. Every woman chooses tall men, and this has become ingrained in society and has become a trend of sorts.