It should come as no surprise that women spend more time on housework than men. However, they are more likely to lead more fulfilling lives if they share household chores. This also affects the area of sex, though.
Emancipation notwithstanding, women still spend more time on household chores than men. According to the study, up to 1 week. Women spend about 90 minutes a day on housework. Men spend about 60 minutes. What cannot be blamed is that cooking is becoming more popular among men, who spend just a few minutes less time in front of the stove than women.
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If you are one of the supporters of unequal role-sharing and think that the stove and sink belong to women, you may be very shocked. According to a study conducted at Cambridge University, the happiest men are those who share household chores equally with their partners. This result surprised even the authors, who had expected a very different result.
A large number of people participated in the survey. The authors believe that this result was achieved because women are much more flexible when their partners are lazy and refuse to share household chores. Thus, it is more advantageous for men to engage in housework, thus ensuring peace in the home.
However, it is questionable whether pastoral households are commensurate with the results of participation in household chores. Indeed, recent studies have shown that the more time men spend on household chores, the less sex they have. In fact, couples who adhere to a division of roles do not experience these problems. Their erotic activity was much more frequent and intense.
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Another study conducted last year found that partners who shared household chores were up to 50% more likely to divorce.
If a man shares household chores with a woman, she is more likely to view him as cooperative and respectful.
The other half of women, however, see it differently. Women do not appreciate men\’s help and are much more stressed about it. They probably think differently than men about how to vacuum or wash dishes.