What games are popular?

Classic board games are now in decline. Basically, only the current generation of 30+ is playing. Children, teenagers, adolescents, and young adults much prefer virtual options that are more immersive and can be played with others as well as on their own. There are numerous genres available for play today. Some are very popular, others less so.

Pohodlné hraní

1.Action – probably the most popular genre in video games. These titles take many forms. There are action killers that can be played from your own perspective, over your shoulder, or from the side. Surprisingly, these games are not only popular among young people; even people who already have a few gray hairs sometimes play this kind of thing. After all, shooting up a base full of hostile aliens is appealing at any age. It\’s a playful, unpretentious pastime that doesn\’t require much thought.

2.Strategy – Strategy titles are also quite popular. However, the two need to be separated a bit. In fact, there are two types of strategy games. One takes place in real time and the other is turn-based. The former strategy games are usually action-packed and, aside from certain tactical skills, require better observation and quicker decision-making. Turn-based titles are more focused on thinking and strategy building.
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3.Puzzle – On home computers and consoles, puzzle games have not been played as much as in the past few years, but on cell phones and tablets they are among the most popular genres. Since they are not very complex to develop and do not require complex graphics, they are relatively inexpensive to produce, typically costing a few hundred kronor at most. There is probably no smartphone owner in the world who does not have a logic game of some sort.