How do men treat parting? It can be very hard for them too!

Have you always thought that women deal with division much worse than men? It\’s not always the case. Men can also suffer a lot, and the reason is simple. 

How do men deal with parting? It can be very hard for them too! 

In general, it is known that women are more sensitive, experience everything much more intensely, and parting is also important. As soon as a woman\’s relationship breaks down, she becomes depressed and sad, she needs to confide in a friend and try to repel the grief in every possible way. But men do not know how to do it, so they usually struggle with parting much harder than women. So, if you ever thought that the men around you were actually emotionally balanced and nothing would break them, then this is a mistake. Most people just suffocate it. 

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There are advantages to women, what? 

Women usually have the advantage of having lots of girlfriends around and are used to confessing to them. Shared joy and shared sadness mean that the only thing that is shared is actually half. And that\’s the whole science. When he speaks, when he can reveal his feelings to someone, it helps everyone, and he gets feedback and is not alone in everything. But men don\’t know this much, they don\’t confide much, they usually don\’t talk to their friends about their feelings, they close themselves that\’s how they set it up, and that\’s the difference between a man and a woman. 

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suffocating it? Big problem! 

But whatever we are choking on ourselves is 2 times worse. Sadness should come out of us as well as joy. But joy is much better than sadness and is easily shared. Men who can be open to women do not have to talk intimately with anyone else, and women still have friends. When the relationship breaks down, women go to friends, but men do not. They prefer to get drunk, and some young men begin to take drugs, aggression increases, and sadness turns into anger. But suppressing emotions does not pay much money. 

Women after parting are ready for another relationship after a while, but men do it differently. They usually don\’t trust women anymore, it\’s hard to have a serious relationship again. Therefore, division often worsens.