Games for parents and grandmothers

Did you experience games like jumping over rubber, balls and cards for matches when you were young? Or do you already know this pastime only from the photos of your grandmother? Time has moved a lot, and it is much easier to sit on a computer or tablet and move up levels and levels in the latest and most graphically demanding games. As well as the sensations of children, they are shifting in virtual reality, but motor skills are lagging behind. Simple logical thinking and last but not least stay in fresh air and personal contact with friends.skleněné kuličky
Hi Mom, and 10 crowns? I\’m going to go to the haberdashery and get some rubber, and the kids and I are going to jump in the afternoon. It is used to be in every family. When there were not enough friends, the rubber was hooked on the leg of the chair, which was not much held, but allowed to delightfully train the prescribed set and individual tricks and jumps.It was more demanding of skills.
In toy stores, for the change, they purchased colorful sewn cloth bags full of clay balls that lost their luster due to wear, but did not affect the creaking of the holes themselves. Those that are more equipped can boast of glass or irises, and the winner can take it home.
Those that only play for a match or a dime. The cards were dealt to the deck by the water, and it was not about who would be “behind the water” at the end of the game, who collected the most trophieskarty
These games were very primitive, but many experts believe that these simple basic types of entertainment were played in bars sitting on the couch. I will tell you that not only the body, but also the speech of the child is much more important for motor skills than hovering or shooting in a virtual reality.
Do not underestimate these kinds of entertainment, made by the ingenuity and limited possibilities of our parents and grandparents when they were still children Let them tell you how much fun they had.

When playing the game on a tablet, you may also be shot, so the feeling that you can not even cut or eat in the toilet.