How to have a sustainable home?

As Czechs, we are at the forefront of trash separation, but the current trend goes much further. Sustainability is now being addressed in a variety of ways, and your household can become greener, too. What are some of those ways?

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Minimize your trash

The most important step is not only to separate your trash, but to make an effort to reduce it in the first place. There are many things you can start doing today that will cost you very little. Some will save money, at least in the long run. For example, you can start drinking tap water and stop buying bottled water. Your wallet and body will thank you, especially if you were used to buying sugary sodas. Another tip is to have a cloth shopping bag. Ideally, you should carry this with you at all times and be able to put it in whenever you decide to go shopping. Similarly, you should have bags for bread and fruits and vegetables. Microthene bags are no longer recyclable and are therefore unnecessary trash. To up the ante, replace plastic straws with glass, bamboo, or metal ones. Similarly, cotton swabs can be replaced with more environmentally friendly ones.
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What about bio-waste?

If you live in an apartment and don\’t have a garden or compost pile, you may be wondering where to dump potato peels and other bio-waste. Containers and garbage cans designed for this type of waste are certainly an option, but there are other beneficial alternatives. Take, for example, the purchase of vermicomposters. These containers are filled with earthworms, which like to eat peels, fruit and vegetable scraps. In return, the worms produce a special liquid that is popular as a fertilizer. This product is extremely valuable and many gardeners will appreciate it. However, earthworms are vulnerable to temperatures that are too high or too low, and there is a danger that they will eat too much bio-waste. Therefore, it is important to research how to keep earthworms.