Winter Madness

As the Christmas season approaches, newer, longer, and increasingly annoying advertisements for various products gradually appear. These follow us everywhere we go. Various flyers in our mailboxes, billboards lining the streets, but this is only a small part of what awaits us on our TV screens and websites. This madness is getting bigger and bigger, causing more and more insane events. [Take, for example, this video from the US. Everywhere there is Black Friday, the day that always comes at the end of November, the day after Thanksgiving. Retailers go all out, an incredible discount mania. Stores and malls everywhere offer goods at incredible discounts. People literally scramble to buy every single item on the shelves, eager to get the cheapest product they can find anywhere. And the camera images show them looking nothing like the civilized people of the 21st century.
The sad thing about all of this, however, is that in most cases there is no real discount either. They simply put a new sticker on the merchandise with the discount and the current price on it, making it look like a discount. Often they don\’t even remove the original label from under the new one.
Zabalený dárek
Advertisements that interrupt us while we are watching our favorite movies and TV shows are becoming more and more common during the advent season. So much so that a two-hour movie can turn into a four-hour spectacle in a matter of seconds. To make matters worse, commercials are always unnecessarily too loud. This is so that they can be heard in another room where they have fled to hide from the commercials. With real traditions being replaced by artificial traditions like Black Friday, it is no wonder that many children think Christmas is all about presents and toys.