If your partner is infertile

Have you ever fallen in love with someone you want to be with forever and claimed that person as your lifelong companion? There is nothing rarer than finding a soulmate with whom you hit it off in any situation, no matter what. But what can take you out of an idyllic relationship and its progress is the decision to start a family.
And when one of you finds that you can\’t have children, you can see for yourself that the road to your dream baby is long and not always easy.
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Is infertility a disorder?
Knowing that one\’s partner is an unfit candidate to one day become a mother must be very devastating, especially for her. [After all, this woman had found her calling in bringing her beloved child into the world. Not everything goes as expected.
Before you start panicking, let\’s clarify what the obstacles actually are. Is it a wonderful, perfect wife who unfortunately does not deserve to be the mother of your child someday, or is it the fact that you will have to try to have your child another way?
Believe it or not, you are not the only couple suffering from this problem and dealing with a similar situation. But far worse than having a baby is the psychological pressure and upset your partner experiences, which results in your relationship no longer being a sunny one.
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How can I help my partner?

It is difficult to help a woman 100% who does not want to because she feels hurt, humiliated, and unhappy. She is likely to take all the blame and not acknowledge that there are other options. Your job is to help your partner find a path they can take together and overcome all the obstacles in their path.
Be proactive and express interest in the suggestion of adopting a child or enlisting the help of a surrogate mother. Explain to her that this is not a reason not to have children, on the contrary, it is a chance to approach children in a different way that will ultimately be worth 10
 Every child, no matter how it came to be, is a gift to the parents who want it.