When our bones hurt

As we age, more and more people become concerned about joint pain and problems. This can be caused by non-inflammatory degenerative processes that manifest as arthritis, cartilage wear and tear, or inflammatory diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis, gout, osteoarthritis, and Bechtereus disease. Inflammatory diseases in particular are no exception, even at a young age. Their treatment is not easy, and some are caused by autoimmune reactions of the organs. They are usually incurable, and treatment consists mainly of a regimen, recommended physical activity, and the use of anti-rheumatic drugs and analgesics.
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However, many people experience bone pain. Bone is a very complex organ and there is always something going on. Bone metabolism takes place here, where bone tissue is broken down and new tissue is formed. Blood formation takes place in the bone marrow.
-Growing pains-More common in children and adolescents and occur in the evening and at night. It is a resting pain due to rapid bone growth.

Leukodystrophy- Not to be confused with growing pains, it can present with long bone pain, especially in the lower extremities.

– thinning of the bones due to deficiencies of calcium, vitamin D, sex hormones, and lack of exercise. Genetic stress also plays a role. Increased bone mass destruction that is not adequately replaced by new bone. With aging, the ability to absorb calcium also decreases, so calcium is broken down from the bones. This sometimes manifests itself as pain. The greatest risk of osteoporosis is the tendency to fracture. Femoral neck fractures are often fatal to the elderly because they require prolonged lying down and have been linked to pneumonia and other conditions.
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Multiple myeloma
– Malignant tumors expressed by pain in the ribs, pelvic bones, etc. It belongs to the bone marrow diseases. Myeloma cells activate cells responsible for bone destruction. Myeloma cells activate cells responsible for bone destruction, causing demineralization and brittle bones. Calcium circulates in the blood at high levels, causing other organ complications.
– Bone Inflammation – Infection of bone tissue, high fever common.
– Metastasis – Many cancers metastasize to the bones, especially the spine, causing pain.
From this list, one can see that it is always advisable to seek medical attention in the presence of irrational bone or bone pain.