Life in the Online World

Online websites were always very difficult for me. I didn\’t know what to do. Online 24/7? I was still good at it in elementary school. In school we had computer science, which fortunately was very easy. I remember my first computer science class, I think it was 4th or 5th grade. Who wouldn\’t want to be online back then? Now computers are like a second life. Let alone doing anything on it, so I had to learn a lot. Guess what the first thing I did with a computer was? It was that each of us had to create our own email. Specifically, an email account. At the time, I had no idea what that meant. I couldn\’t imagine having a mailbox on a website where letters would come in and go online.

Jste často online?

At least I thought so. And that the mailboxes on the site were mailboxes that would then be selected as regular mail. Of course, I was totally wrong. I guess I was still computer illiterate. I had no idea how the site worked or what online life was like. I didn\’t understand the whole world of the online web. And why were computers so important?

Online svět je populární.

Everything was a big mystery to me. Like a big question mark. So I was really happy when someone explained this to me. I don\’t know how hard it was to get my own email account. It was really complicated. I didn\’t know that the page was called a website and that I had to set it up when I was online. When it was all done, I was in seventh heaven. I felt so much smarter. But now I have completely different interests and knowledge. Now I am almost perfect when it comes to computers. Maybe not perfect, but I have a lot of experience. After all, I\’ve worked in the banking industry for five years and use computers and websites every day. In fact, I\’m online almost nonstop.