Protect yourself

Set boundaries. Do not wait for online stalking to escalate. Most cases begin casually. What is the typical beginning of cyberstalking? For example, the stalker starts replying to all your posts, tagging you in articles, jokes, basically anything they come across. Of course, the same goes for your friends and family. I am sure you have people who tag you in every single nonsensical thing they come across, and they probably don\’t mean to offend you. But if it offends you, you should speak up. A rational person would understand and curb the behavior.
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– And when you upload something, within 10 seconds you have a thumbs up from that person, a comment, and they tag you in the comment so you don\’t inadvertently miss it. On top of that, there are phone calls, emails, and in extreme cases, attempts to meet in person. This is where you need a really powerful trump card. The first step is to block. Unfriend and block the person. Also, if you have mutual friends, make an agreement not to post any information about you, your whereabouts, or even a picture of you if possible. Also, report the matter directly to the social network operator. Today, such accusations are beginning to be taken seriously, and stalkers risk having their accounts terminated. And of course, record everything . Every message, every email and phone call. Yes, it is often painful, but it will greatly help police investigations.
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Worst case. Do not take your feelings lightly. If you or your loved one does not feel safe, perhaps because you fear a personal confrontation will be attempted, it is time to involve the police or the courts. For example, they can issue a restraining order against the perpetrator, prohibiting him or her from approaching within a certain distance and, of course, they have the authority to prohibit further attempts to contact you. But above all, send a clear message that “I am here, I am not afraid, and I will protect myself.”