London is the most desirable city for expatriate workers

The survey also found that the number of British workers seeking work abroad has increased by over 60% compared to last year. And this represents the largest increase of any other country; BCG conducted the survey four years later and clearly shows that the UK has risen from second place in 2014 to fifth place as the most attractive country for employees. This is despite the fact that capital gains were the highest in the ranking. The United States, Germany, Canada, and Australia suddenly ranked higher than the United Kingdom after the Brexit vote. According to the report, the most notable drop is particularly noticeable for residents of European countries, but also for residents of the United Arab Emirates and China.
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Linus Kendall, who has dual Swedish and British citizenship, is a PhD student in computer science at the University of Sheffield. He said that the UK is no longer a good long-term option. The main reason is that they can no longer participate in European research cooperation. For researchers, the UK is not an attractive option, and for those who run businesses, it would have been better if Brexit had not happened.
However, in a survey of more than 366,000 workers from 200 countries, London was again named the most sought-after global city. Despite Brexit, the importance of finance, business, and culture did not seem to be affected by the vote. British organizations face the challenge of keeping the capital attractive to international workers despite its drop from second to fifth place.
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Meanwhile, the willingness of British workers to work abroad has risen significantly, from 42% below average to above average in 2014. 62% in fact. Such an increase is not recorded anywhere else in the world. These two trends build on each other and pose a major challenge for the UK. It is now imperative that private and public sector organizations take steps to attract and retain the best and brightest talent of the future, ensuring success in any field