How can I temporarily arrange an apartment suitable for study?

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  1. [19 What you are preparing is not so important, it is important first of all space. For a while, try to agree with the people who share the household with you that you take everything except their beds, and that they like you.nervózní studentka

    1. Foreign language vocabulary

    Good vocabulary is essential when taking a foreign language exam. Take a sticky notepad and pencil in your hand. Write the necessary words on a notepad and place them around the apartment, depending on its context.That is, words related to food end in the kitchen and refrigerator, in the closet.Each garment is named “English” or “Spanish” on the sleeves or pockets.

    1. Toilets

    Where some individuals spend very long moments. Do not take your phone or newspaper with you, put a table with English irregular verbs or physical and mathematical expressions on the wall or door opposite you. You will see that every time you visit the toilet you approach success.

    1. Timeline

    This will be especially appreciated by future historians and teachers, but it may also be useful to others. Make history in your room. how\’s it going? Along the perimeter of the walls of the room, stretch the string and use hooks and staples from paintings and shelves for fixation. On the string, fixing the clothespins with paper with a certain year and event, you can go along the wall and at the same time “go through history”.

    1. Cheat Sheet

    The idea is now not a cheat sheet, but a paper or notebook with condensed study material that can fit in your jeans pocket, you can take it anywhere, even on the bus to your grandmother, to study.
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    1. Colleagues

    People living in dorms and dormitories are solving the problem, but roommates are certainly not the problem of negotiating a mutual review agreement. And if you are at home with your family, you will surely find someone out there who will help you in this way. If you put yourself in the role of a teacher and try to teach someone your own lesson, it has been scientifically proven that you fully understand it

    In conclusion, all that remains is to wish good luck, students and students…