Military Sniper

Military gear and combat weapons have always fascinated the primarily male portion of the population. Sometimes it doesn\’t even matter the age group. Even really big boys can play soldiers. But sometimes the game doesn\’t matter. Real guns come into play, and real lives are at stake.
And military technology goes from arousing curiosity to arousing fear.
plastový vojáčci

Soldiers who have participated in conflicts in the modern world are convinced that the greatest danger on the military battlefield is not booby traps or landmines. The presence of these weapons is at least partially predictable. The greatest nuisance is the military sniper.
That is, someone who possesses a high-tech weapon capable of concentrating on a target at an immeasurable distance.
Records are being broken in this field as well. A little perverse, but not uninteresting: in 2002, a Canadian soldier in Afghanistan set a record. He hit the target at a distance of 2,430 meters. A few years later, a Brit broke the record by pushing the limit another 135 meters. It took only three seconds for the bullet to hit its target. The speed was three times the speed of sound.

It is amazing how far military technology has come since the days of the wagon wall built by the famous Czech military leader. Military snipers are considered to be at the top of their field. Not everyone can master the training that precedes combat deployment.
§ He must first pass through a sieve.
§ This is a test of his physical abilities.
§ Then he is released onto the battlefield and must run a distance of 15 kilometers in one and a half hours.
But at the end, instead of being applauded as a winner, he has to overcome obstacles and shoot at random targets. 38]He then has a chance to become amilitary sniper, if only he makes the final selection.