Parrots at home

I think everyone really loves animals. So I think everyone should grow up with a pet if possible. Because I heard that if you grow up with a pet, you become more peaceful and healthy. I heard that if you grow up with animals, you are less likely to suffer from various allergies. I grew up with two dogs and a cat, and I have absolutely no allergies. I always wanted to have a pet when I was a kid.

Máme doma papoušky.

And I didn\’t have to convince anyone because my parents always wanted to have animals. So I was surprised when my parents welcomed two dogs and a cat into their home. What child wouldn\’t be delighted when his parents came and bought him the animals he wanted? It is truly paradise! So I was surprised that I was experiencing this happiness. And now I am glad I have my own house and family and my boyfriend loves animals too. I always wanted to have a big yard where I could keep goats and sheep.

Na vesnici máme hodně ptáčků.

And I was also happy that my boyfriend gave me a sheep and two sheep for my birthday. I was really surprised because I didn\’t expect him to do that. To be honest, I thought I would get a ring or a necklace from my boyfriend, but never an animal. I really like animals, so I was surprised and touched. What is your favorite animal? I love dogs and cats. Coming from a family that loves animals, I\’m so glad I\’ve always had furry friends at home. Right now I have three parakeets living with my family and they are amazing and so much fun.